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Everything You Need to Know About CARM Release 2

As a small business owner shipping internationally to and from Canada, you’re probably familiar with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and how their regulations affect your shipping. You likely try to be aware of changes to these regulations as they change. 

You might have heard of CARM Release 1 and be familiar with the CARM Client Portal. There is a new set of regulations coming soon called CARM Release 2. 

We outlined everything you need to know about the CARM Release 2 Implementation Date, May 2024:

What is CARM?

CARM stands for Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management. CARM is an initiative which will change the way duties and taxes are collected, creating a more modernized and streamlined process for importing goods. 

Was there a CARM Release 1?

In May 2021, the first release of CARM occurred. This included the CARM Client Portal to provide virtual self-service options to importers and brokers. 

The main change CARM Release 1 brought was the CARM Client Portal, which will be updated with more features for CARM Release 2. 

What are the benefits of CARM?

CARM has many advantages. CARM simplifies the overall importing process, providing a modern interface for importing into Canada. It will allow for much more self-service for importers, so you won’t have to rely as heavily on border service agents to get things done. And if you still need help from someone who understands the system, you can always talk to your customs broker. 

CARM will also reduce the cost of importing into Canada, creating greater savings for your business. 

What else is coming with CARM Release 2?

Release 2 will expand the features of the Client Portal to benefit importers like you. They’ll do this by adding electronic commercial accounting declarations, new requirements related to the Release Prior to Payment (RPP) program, synchronized billing cycles, and other new options for managing your imports electronically. 

CARM release 2 will also include features like applying for and updated business numbers, paying duties and taxes online, and access to updates on your imports right away. With these features it will be easier than ever for you to import goods for your small business without having to go through a border services agent. 

How do I access these services?

If you haven’t already, you can register for the CARM Client Portal, and start using it even before the update. You can also have your say in some of the upcoming changes to CARM by reviewing the proposed amendments and sharing your thoughts on the Government of Canada website

If you are still not sure about what CARM Release 2 will mean for you and your small business, don’t panic. Talk to your customs broker. They’re trained to know the ins and outs of the customs process, including all the new updates and how they will affect your shipments. 

Here at Welke, we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about importing and exporting goods. We will happily help you navigate the new Client Portal system when CARM Release 2 brings changes, and any other changes your small business faces.

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