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Top 5 Canadian Customs Brokers

Choosing the right customs broker for your business is important. Your business is on the line if you can’t get your goods where they need to be and when they need to be there. When looking for a customs broker, you need to factor in industry experience, additional services and pricing. If meeting in-person with your customs broker is important to you, then you should also factor in the location of your new customs brokerage. 

Here are the top five Canadian customs brokers we think are the best in the business.

1.Welke Customs & Logistics

Welke Customs & Logistics has been clearing goods for over 35 years. Welke offers a variety of services, including customs brokerage, freight forwarding, trade consulting and more. They offer customs brokerage for Amazon FBA and e-commerce, ensuring your importing is easy so you can focus on your sales. They operate two physical offices in Toronto and Vancouver, which allows their clients the ability to meet with them in person whether they’re an East Coast business or a West Coast business.

Welke is currently offering the lowest quotes with the fastest shipping times. The reason being, they’ve been in the business long enough so they have strong industry connections and experience. Welke clears U.S.-Canada shipments in both directions, making their services very convenient for any North American business. 

In terms of pricing, Welke charges a flat fee per customs entry. They also offer brokerage as a standalone service, so they will work with your freight forwarder, carrier, or any of your supply chain partners to clear your goods. You can get a quote from Welke for your next shipment here

2. Dilas International Customs Brokers

Dilas International is an independent customs brokerage based in Calgary, Alberta. Though based in Calgary, they have offices in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. They’ve been operating for over 15 years and they clear both commercial and personal shipments. Dilas International’s brokerage fee schedule works for both large businesses and small businesses, and they’re transparent about all prices and fees.

Due to their upfront pricing, great customer service and industry experience, Dilas International is a good option if you’re looking for a Canada-based customs brokerage. 

3. Livingston International

Third on our list is also the largest customs brokerage and freight forwarding company, Livingston International. Though their headquarters are located in Chicago, Livingston International operates along the U.S.-Canada border and has a large Canadian presence.

Livingston International’s services include:

  • Customs brokerage
  • Freight forwarding
  • Trade consulting
  • E-commerce
  • Trade technology
  • Vehicle transport services
  • And more

Livingston International has experience clearing goods in many different industries, ranging from tech to foods to vehicles. They’re a good option if you’re a medium-large size business and need help with more than just customs and freight forwarding. You can get a free quote on your shipment here

4. White & White Customs Brokers

White & White Customs Brokers is a Canadian, family-owned business that has been operating for more than 25 years. Their services include both commercial shipments and personal shipments.

White & White Customs Brokers specialize in serving:

  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Medical supply
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Consumer goods

Though located only in Etobicoke, Ontario, White & White takes care of customs clearances nationwide at all Canadian ports of entry. You can get a quote from White & White here

5. Global Supply Chain Logistics

Global Supply Chain Logistics is a Canadian freight transportation and logistics company that operates out of Mississauga, Ontario. Their customs clearance service includes warehousing, customs clearance and documentation services.

Other services offered by Global Supply Chain Logistics include:

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Industrial packing
  • Product-based logistics
  • Temperature controlled movements
  • Cross-border transport

If you’re interested in using Global Supply Chain Logistics, you can get your quote here.

The bottom line

Canada is home to many great customs brokers. If you’re looking to get your shipment cleared, contact our team today for a free quote.

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