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Top 5 Customs Brokers in Ontario, Canada

If you are a small business owner in Ontario, Canada, you may be aware there are many excellent customs brokers in Canada to choose from. There is no shortage of customs broker companies that you can choose to get your freight from one place to the next.

However, this might make picking a customs broker in Toronto a little overwhelming. Luckily, as top competitors in the business, we know several other Canadian customs brokers we trust. Here is our list of the top 5 customs brokers in Ontario, Canada:


At Welke, we go above and beyond for our customers. We treat you like family and always put your needs and expectations first. We’re also great at pivoting and adapting. We know that shipping doesn’t always go as planned, so we always have a backup plan. With over 35 years of experience, we’re experts in the customs broker field and know how to get the job done while always putting our customers first. 

With over 1 million shipments, we have a reputation of being trusted with all sorts of goods and shipments and we’ll show you we care with top quality service from start to finish. 

Global Supply Chain Logistics Inc. 

Global Supply Chain Logistics Inc. aims to provide high quality and cost effective services to their customers. They believe relationships are the key to success and foster meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, offering them the best business solutions possible. Global Supply Chain Logistics Inc. is a great option as your Ontario customs broker

Excel Transportations 

Excel is a leader in the Ontario customs broker industry as they have been serving businesses since 1991. Based in Mississauga, ON, they also have offices all over Canada to effectively provide service from coast to coast and anywhere outside of Canada your freight needs to go. Excel Transportations are excellent customs brokers who keep you updated on the shipping process and handle the details so you can relax. 

The Ace Group

The Ace Group is capable and adaptable, able to handle any type of shipping with their diverse fleet of vehicles and transportation. They can handle air, land, and ocean freight deliveries, so you don’t have to worry about changing companies if one method of shipping doesn’t work out. They also pride themselves on providing updates throughout the entire shipping process, so you’ll never be left in the dark. 

Ridgewood International Freight Inc.

Ridgewood International Freight Inc. also provides all forms of shipping, including air, ocean, and land. They’ve developed a strong international presence over the years and are known for their knowledge of the most effective and affordable shipping methods for your business. They always work with their clients to make sure they find the best solution for their shipping needs. 

Now you have an idea of some of the top customs brokers that we recommend. With any of these customs brokers in Ontario, Canada, you know that your shipments will be taken care of from start to finish for the best price possible.

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