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Need Assistance With Trade Compliance? We Can Help.

Trade compliance is an essential part of your import declaration and is one of the most important parts of the overall importation process. The CBSA and PGA may apply penalties to goods that have not  been declared and accounted for correctly.

At Welke Customs & Logistics, we offer a variety of consulting services. Our goal is to educate, inform and guide you through a trade compliance review process that suits your business needs, so that you can be assured that your obligations as an importer of goods into Canada meets with all CBSA and other government departments requirements and regulations.

Here are some of our consulting services:

Parts and Items Database Review

We can review your current product database to confirm that your goods are classified correctly under the 10 digit tariff classification number.

HS Classification Inquires

Do you intend to import a new product into Canada? We can assist and provide to you the 10 digit tariff classification number as well as provide you with the OGD/PGA requirements at time of import.

CBSA Trade Compliance Verification

Have you been selected by the CBSA for a Trade Compliance Verification? Many importers don’t realize the financial significance that a Trade Compliance Verification can have on an importer. We can help.

Internal Auditing of Import Declarations and Documentation

You may request a review of your import declarations after import and final accounting relating to tariff classification, duty rates, origin, tariff treatment as well the documentation associated with the import. We can assist you with the internal review to confirm that the required documentation is on hand as well as that the goods have been properly accounted for.

Parts Database Creation

Do you intend to import a new line of products into Canada? We can assist you with the tariff classification as well providing to you OGD/PGA requirements.

CBSA and OGD/PGA Import Regulations and Requirements

We can assist you with import inquiries that relate to requirements and regulations for a specific commodity. Or import inquiries and regulations that relate to a specific type of import, such as a  commodity imported temporarily, or commodities imported for further processing and  subsequently exported, as well as inquiries for goods possibly subject to SIMA anti-dumping or  countervailing duties.

CBSA Rulings

Do you have a unique commodity that requires a formal CBSA Tariff Classification, Origin or Valuation Ruling? We can assist you with the ruling request, we will also prepare and submit the ruling to the CBSA on your behalf.

CBSA Programs and Projects
We can assist you with inquiries relating to the various programs and projects that CBSA has implemented and offers to importers:

  • CARM Projects: The release 2 of CARM, scheduled for October 2023, will be mandatory for  importers to register their business in the CARM portal. We can assist you with the business  registration.
  • CBSA Duties Relief Program: We can assist you with your inquiry and the application process.

For more information on trade compliance, please head to our Consulting services.

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