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Bill S-211: Fighting Against Forced Labour in Canadian Supply Chains

Bill S-211: January 2024

The measures introduced through Bill S-211, an Act to enact the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act and to amend the Customs Tariff (the Act) aim to increase industry awareness and transparency and drive businesses to improve practices.

Bill S-211 received Royal Assent on May 11, 2023. It is expected to come into force on January 1, 2024, and contains two parts.

Part 1: New Reporting Obligations

The first part of the Act imposes an obligation on certain entities and government institutions to submit an annual report to the Minister of Public Safety by May 31st of each year on the steps taken during the previous financial year to prevent and reduce the risk that forced labour or child labour is used by them or in their supply chains.

Reports will be available to the public in two ways:

  • In an electronic registry on Public Safety Canada’s website
  • In a prominent location on the reporting entity or government institution’s website

Part 2: Changes to the Customs Tariffs

The second part amends the Customs Tariff to expand the prohibition on the importation of goods mined, manufactured or produced, in whole or in part by forced labour, to also include child labour.

View more details of the Act here.

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