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How Can US Freight Forwarders Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

In today’s world, many people and businesses are becoming more concerned about climate change, environmental impact, and what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s become increasingly important for companies and individuals to do what they can to improve sustainability. As a small business owner or US freight forwarder, one of the best ways to be responsible for your carbon footprint is by following sustainability shipping practises.

If you are an American freight forwarder, or a small business owner looking to work with American freight forwarders, you may be wondering what US freight forwarders can do to reduce their carbon footprint. In recent years, many US freight forwarders have began using sustainability shipping practices to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability. 

Here are some sustainability shipping best practises for US freight forwarders: 

US freight forwarders can use low-emission vehicles or sustainable fuel

Many US freight forwarders use low-emission vehicles or even cleaner, more sustainable sources of fuel to reduce their carbon footprint. US freight forwarders can choose to use low-emission vehicles and take certain steps, like turning off the vehicle instead of idling, and stay up to date with the latest and most fuel efficient vehicles and fuel. 

US freight forwarders can use sustainable packaging

Packaging is another big part of waste and carbon footprint when it comes to shipping. When practicing sustainability shipping, American freight forwarders can opt for sustainable packaging including recyclable materials, biodegradable plastics, and reusable boxes. This will reduce waste and keep their packaging materials from ending up stuck in landfills for years to come. Lighter and smaller packaging will also make it easier to ship and take up less space in transit, which makes transporting the packages more fuel efficient. 

Freight forwarders can slow down travel

Many American freight forwarders have also used a method that is referred to as “slow steaming” ships. This method is essentially running a ship at a slower speed, which burns much less fuel, although it takes longer. The great thing is this can be done with any ship and doesn’t require new technology to be built or installed. Reducing a ship’s speed by even a small amount can have significant effects in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

US freight forwarders can invest in wind and solar power

Many US freight forwarders are now switching their business operations to be primarily powered by wind and solar power sources. With today’s advancements in clean energy, companies can easily install solar panels and wind turbines to power their warehouses and distribution centers, reducing their carbon footprint.

Bonus tip: listen to your customers!

Reducing our carbon footprint starts with the consumers. By collaborating with and listening to our customers, we can learn what’s important to them, which packaging methods are causing the most frustration and waste, and how we can work together to improve sustainability. 

We hope that this list of ideas has been helpful for you to further understand what US freight forwarders are doing to improve sustainability shipping. We take steps like this towards improving sustainability every day at Welke. If you want to feel good about the company you’re shipping with, Welke is the way to go. 

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