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Mark It on Your Calendars—CARM Release 2 Is Happening May 2024

Have you registered your business on the CARM Client Portal?

Here are some helpful CBSA videos on the CARM program to assist you with the business registration.

1. Every importer needs to be registered in the CARM Client Portal (CCP) once Release 2 goes into effect. Learn how to create user credentials and create a user account in the CCP.

2. Setting up your business account is important. Learn how to link a user account to a business account in the CCP.

3. Don’t forget about your employees! Learn how to set up a delegation of authority for employees in the CCP.

4. Working with a third party service provider? No problem. Learn how to set up a delegation of authority for a third party service provider in the CCP.

We’re here to help with your CARM Client Portal registration.

We know there’s a lot to learn. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Welke CARM team at if you need assistance with your business registration on the CARM Client Portal—we’re here to help!

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