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What is Sustainability Shipping?

If you are a small business owner looking into US freight forwarders to ship your products, you may be wondering about your environmental impact. Many business owners consider their carbon footprint and environmental impact when considering their options for shipping goods and products. 

You may have heard of sustainability shipping as a concept. But what exactly is sustainability shipping? We created this guide to help you understand, so you can make shipping choices that are right for you and the environment. 

What’s a carbon footprint?

You’ve likely heard the term “carbon footprint” before and may be wondering what exactly that means. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses generated by a person or company. This is determined by your collective actions such as how much you drive, how much waste you or your company produces, what products you use, the foods you consume, and more. Your carbon footprint includes both business and personal choices, if you’re a business owner.

Businesses often choose a U.S. freight forwarder with a low carbon footprint because many customers feel good about choosing to purchase from companies that consider the environment in their business decisions. With climate change as a prevalent issue, many companies are more respected and are chosen over their competitors thanks to a lower carbon footprint. 

This means, when looking for American freight forwarders, you will want to consider one who takes your carbon footprint into account and cares about sustainability shipping

What is sustainability shipping?

Sustainability shipping means taking your carbon footprint into account and creating more sustainable, environmentally friendly ways to ship goods and products. This is important because the transportation of goods and products is well known to have severe environmental impacts. 

Many US freight forwarders consider sustainability shipping as part of their services. There are several methods American freight forwarders use to make their shipping more environmentally conscious, including: 

Exhaust emission technology

Thanks to modern technology, tracking and reducing fuel emissions is easier than ever. There are many ways for American freight forwarders to track their emissions and work to reduce them through creative methods. 

One example of this method being put into practice is slow steaming on ships, which means making a cargo ship move slowly to produce significantly less fuel than a faster ship. 

Alternative fuel sources

There are also many alternative fuel sources in today’s modern world, including liquid natural gas, hydrogen, and solar energy. Paired with an increased knowledge of the importance and impact of sustainability shipping, US freight forwarders are able to make sustainable choices and reduce their carbon footprint.

Companies know that in today’s world, with climate change on the rise, reducing our carbon footprint is more important than ever. It is no longer just enough to do the bare minimum. If you’re concerned about your company’s carbon footprint, a trusted US freight forwarder with a sound environmental policy in place is a great place to start.

That includes us here at Welke. Our customers expect more from us, and so do yours. That’s why at Welke we take steps to practice sustainability shipping including the methods mentioned in this article and more. 

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